A Team of Passionate
Interior Designers.

we are masters in all aspects of the interior decoration. With a team of professionals and workforce having international design and execution exposure, we offer excellent quality of workmanship and timely completion using the right  material and applying efficient best work practices to achieve the desired results.

We don't only make things
beautiful. We make them work
great as well.

Alocris is dedicated to provide interiors across all sectors with comfort in elegance. The mission of Alcoris is the creation of very special atmospheres, while responding to the specific needs of functionality of a modern living. The environments that we create conveys a calm and serene feeling, an invitation to enter a dimension of clear lines, essential forms, perfect proportions, contrasts and excellent materials in sync with trends.

Our Clients

With innovative ideas and modern techniques backed by professional expertise and personal attention, Alcoris has successfully carried out many projects and resulted in client’s satisfaction.

Some of the premium places where our clients belong to: